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Women Owned

Genesis Home Improvement is a proud woman-owned business, led by Kim Jenkins, who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and quality in the construction industry.

Kim Jenkins



At Genesis Home Improvement, customer feedback is invaluable to us. Your insights help us continually refine our services, ensuring we consistently deliver the exceptional quality and experience you deserve.

Master Legacy Contractors

Industrials have been the weakest link lately but you just have to pause.


Genesis Home Improvement has developed a unique, efficient way to bring your home project to reality. The Genesis Infinity Systems are currently offered for Roofing, Bathrooms, Windows and Decks. Genesis Infinity Systems includes three material and design options; Standard, Premier or Elite where the major selection and design decisions are streamline for easier project execution. A fourth option is the Legacy Design which allows you to customize your project, leaving your Legacy on your home. By creating and offering these systems, Genesis Home Improvement can complete your home project within the investment goal you have set.

Our 4 Pillars
Genesis Home Improvement offers the unique Infinity Systems for Roofing, Bathrooms, Windows, and Decks, streamlining material and design choices into Standard, Premier, Elite, or customizable Legacy Design options. This efficient approach ensures your project is executed within your desired investment goal.
At Genesis Home Improvement, our employees are the backbone of our success. We foster a culture of value and education, empowering each team member to grow, contribute, and excel in delivering exceptional service to our clients.
At Genesis Home Improvement, our philosophy revolves around clear communication and transparency with our customers. We believe that open dialogue and honesty are crucial for building trust and ensuring smooth project execution, resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction.
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